Top 10 selling accessories to make your car or truck yours!

Top 10 selling accessories to make your car or truck yours!

So you’ve bought that new to you vehicle.  Maybe it’s brand new and you’re the one breaking in the leather or cloth seats.  Or maybe it’s a pre-owned vehicle.  Either way it’s new to you.  Now comes the question.  How do I make this vehicle mine?   Show my personality?  That is where accessories come in.  The average consumer will spend about $2,000 on accessories for their vehicle with in the first year of ownership.  Buying at the dealership will not only get it to you sooner but also get you longer warranty on that accessory, especially when the car is brand new.   So here are the top 10 accessories that well sell every month.

#1 Running Boards

Running boards will aid in getting in your truck or suv and help you in resale and trade in when it comes time for an upgrade.  There are many types, and each one has its advantages.  I prefer the 6” oval steps in either chrome or black depending on paint color of the vehicle.   They give you more stepping surface and to me just look better.

#2 Bed  liner

A bed liner is going to protect the bed of your truck from the stuff a truck driver uses his truck for.  Haul stuff and fill the bed and without a bed liner your certain to get a scratch or two.  Again a bed liner has many choices.   Between hard plastic drop ins, and spray ins the choices are great.  If you’re leasing you really only have one option and that being a drop in plastic one.   But if you buy your limit of a bed liner is limitless.    Most spray ins can even have a color tint added to them.  My favorite is Line X bed liner.   Their warranty and the consistency of application make it my recommended choice for all trucks.  That same spray in bed liner can even be applied to the body of the truck and rockers to protect it from the elements.

#3 Splash Guards

I know there is no glamour in a splash guard, or mud flap as my mom and dad call them.  But the splash guard not only will keep you from throwing spray behind you but protect your vehicle.   The splash guard will prevent you from throwing stones from the front wheels  along the side of the vehicle as well as throwing from the rear wheels to the back wheel wells and scratching the paint.  The choices here again are almost limitless.  There are even ones out there in colors and with prints and stamps on them.

#4 Spoiler

Not all cars come with them already on the vehicle.  Sometimes its just easier to buy the one on the lot and get the spoiler added to it.  It is dealer installed and is the same part installed on the assembly line.    So you can get the car you want, the color you want and not have to wait for  dealer  trade.   Not only that but they look cool and give your car that different look than the others on the road.

# 5 Tonneau Cover

Ever since there were trucks.  Truck owners have had a way to cover up what is in there bed.  Now days there are as many choices as there are truck choices.   You have fiberglass, hard folding and locking, hard folding and soft folding.  Even the old roll up soft ones.   There are even hard metal one that roll up and self-retract like a shade for the window.  Make sure you have a locking tailgate and that big bed of stuff turns into a big trunk.  Locked up and secure.   Not only that but it will protect your stuff from rain, and snow.  It will also keep that added snow out of the bed of the truck.

#6 Molded Hood Protector

Yep those clear, metal or chrome things on the hood of your car or truck.  They will help with wind and stones thrown on the road from damaging the hood of your investment.

#7 Pin Strip

The look your grandfather loved with the pinstripes on his Cadillac are making a come back.  More and more people are getting that accent color stripe added to their vehicle.  And don’t just think those thin stripes  on the side.   Wide strips on the hood, roof and trunk on the sports car, or even a truck are another popular choice.   The stripes down at the door jams are an alternative too.  Your limited to your imagination on these.

#8 Paint Protection

The silicone protectant for your paint is popular choice too.   The protection will keep your paint shiny and new.  As well as making it easy to get rid of tree sap, bird droppings and bugs.   It will even help protect the clear coat from the environmental elements.    With the product we have you even can get dent/ding protection.   In the event you get a dent or ding in the vertical panels we’ll fix it for free for you.    Some will even come with an interior protection from stains.   If you have kids this is surely a choice you’d like to pursue.

#9 Weather Tech Mats

These babies have gained in popularity over the years.   Custom lazer cut to fit your car specifically.   These will keep the carpet nice and clean.  And they’re super easy to clean.  Just take them out and hose them down.   Mud, water and snow will simply puddle in the mat, instead of soaking into the carpet.

#10  Heated Seats

Your vehicle may not come with them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them.  Heated seats can be added to any vehicle you own or buy.   They will work almost always like from the factory.  The switch may be in a different location but warm buns and back are yours for enjoyment.  The only stipulation is the passenger seat won’t have heat in the buns part of the seat.  Putting it there would interfere with the air bag sensor built into the seat.

So there you go, the top 10 selling accessories to make your car or truck yours!   This is just a short list of what can be added.  If you have a question about something you’d like to add just ask.  I’m sure its available and can be done.  If not I’ll let you know that too.  With my resource I’m sure I can help you get what you want done.